My journey from simplyendo to Endo Reality………

I signed up to do the 10 day course with simplyendo in 2012 on the recommendation of a good friend in the endodontic world. I only intended to do the 10 day course and now three years later here I am with an MSc in Endodontics and a company producing endodontic training teeth!

On training days, half the day is focused on hands on techniques which is so important and often missed out on a lot of current dental courses. I learnt so much about endodontics and didn’t realise how this would impact and improve my general dentistry on a daily basis. Each year I wanted to continue to the next.

When I reached the dissertation year I said to Mike I wanted to print a training tooth from a micro- CT scan and trial a more accurate training tooth for endodontics. I think everyone thought I was bonkers taking on the challenge in such a short space of time (especially as I was working full time and heavily pregnant with my daughter Grace!).

With limited realistic tooth models out there (mainly blocks are being used still) and the difficulty of obtaining extracted teeth I thought this would be a good challenge. Mike encouraged me to follow through on my idea and was very supportive. The hardest thing was obtaining a micro-CT scan. When I eventually obtained a micro-CT scan and printed the tooth, I was able to enroll simplyendo delegates into comparing the 3D printed tooth I had produced against training blocks. There was extremely positive feedback from the printed tooth.

Since then I have never looked back. I have improved the training tooth to have a pulp that dissolves in water and lateral canals to demonstrate the benefits of active irrigation. The tooth comes in open and closed access, clear and opaque. I have produced three levels of difficulty allowing the simplest to the most complex internal anatomy to be tackled. More teeth are in the development stage and will be available very soon. I am also working on restorative training teeth and 3D printing of CBCT scans prior to zygomatic implant placements.

I can honestly say that simplyendo has been one of the best dental courses I have ever done, and I’ve done a lot! The simplyendo team have not only made me a better dentist they have given me the courage to design and develop a product to help dentists improve in endodontics. My advice to anyone interested in improving their skills in dentistry and endodontics is sign up ASAP!

Sophie Parker BDS MSc Endo

Postgraduate Certificate

Year 1 of the MSc in Endodontology. An additional 6 days of study, perfecting everything you have learned from the 10 day programme to OSCE standards.

Postgraduate Diploma

Year 2 of the MSc in Endodontology. 12 days of studying advanced topics such endodontic microscopy, innovations in endodontics, research methods and statistics.

MSc in Endodontology

Year 3 of the MSc in Endodontology and the final component for the Masters Degree. You’re given approximately 12 months to submit a dissertation based on an endodontic topic of your choosing. You’ll be appointed a personal supervisor to who will provide 1:1 coaching.