Simon Barnwell BDS MSc (Endo) a tutor here at simplyendo® was given the opportunity to try the NEW Dentsply’s Gutta-smart. Here are his thoughts on new obturation system.

What we think:

The Gutta-smart obturation devices are lightweight and intuitive to use. I didn’t need to read the instruction manual; they just did what I needed them to do straight away.

The down pack tips are more flexible than those on some more budget devices, allowing you to take the downpack tip further down curved canals. The back fill tips come in three different sizes and the GP is contained within the tip so there is no need to load GP pellets before obturating.

The thing I like most about them is their safety relative to competitors. The downpack tip limits how long heat is applied for in one go, which should prevent overheating of teeth, and the backfill device appears to be very well insulated so that the risk of causing a burn injury is reduced.

They work very well, they have a Dentsply quality feel to them and they appear safer than the competition. A great combination.

What it has to offer:

Optimize your obturation with Gutta-Smart, the complete, low-temperature solution.

Fill canals conveniently and reliably with Gutta-Smart cordless obturation device and Conform Fit gutta-percha master cones. Designed to work together, they feature the same low-temperature flow characteristics and radiopacity for a total warm vertical obturation solution.

  • The efficiency of a total solution: Paired with the enhanced fit of Conform Fit™ master cones, Gutta-Smart™ provides the efficiency you expect in a complete obturation solution.
  • Patient safety: You can feel confident knowing the unique formula is not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Gutta-percha with low-temperature flow: In both Conform Fit™ master cones and Gutta-Smart™ cartridges, the gutta-percha formula flows at a lower temperature, requiring less heat from the handpieces.
  • The right fit you can feel: Conform Fit™ master cones provide a snug apical fit for accurate tug-back, while the cordless Gutta-Smart™ handpieces provide precise control and excellent tactile feedback.
  • All-day power: A single charge gives you the power to complete an entire day’s work.
  • Durable, cordless performance: Well-balanced, lightweight and comfortable to use, both handpieces are cordless for freedom of movement. Each features a 360° activation ring for freedom of movement. In addition, the heating elements are better insulated for improved patient safety.

For more information about the Gutta-Smart system from Dentsply Sirona click here.

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