Simon Barnwell BDS MSc (Endoa tutor here at simplyendo® was given the opportunity to try the NEW elements Connect endo motor and Apex Connect apex locator from Kerr.

What we think:

What do you think of the Elements Connect motor and Connect apex locator from Kerr, Simon?

“I have really enjoyed using the Elements Connect motor and Connect apex locator in my clinical practice. I have found the apex locator to be very accurate when used separately and when used connected to the motor. The flashing light on the file holder makes using the apex locator very easy and this is something I haven’t come across on any other device.

The motor is noticeably quieter than what I have been used to and the fact that it is cordless means that it feels very comfortable and lightweight in use. Having two batteries is also a good feature so that it can be used without interruption for charging. Owners of this device will love the design of the connections at the ends of the cable which have an obvious to hold when they are being disconnected, which should enhance cable lifespan.

This apex locator and motor work brilliantly separately but I especially liked using them together as I found the auto reverse at working length feature worked really well, helping to prevent working length errors and damage of the apical constriction. My cone fit radiographs looked great first time as a result. Overall, these are premium products that work fantastically well together or separately.”

What it has to offer:

Seamless Connection. Greater Confidence.

Add confidence to your shaping, with the intuitive Elements Connect cordless motor and Apex Connect apex locator. Designed to work seamlessly together, the interconnected system supports patient safety while simplifying your procedures.

  • Versatile Motions: With Adaptive, Reciprocation and Rotary motions in one motor, Elements Connect allows clinicians to maintain their existing techniques and protocols.
  • Continuous Use: Two removable batteries are included to ensure one is always charged so you can complete your procedures safely without interruption.
  • Preset: 9 Kerr preset file settings, 1 reciprocating setting and 4 customizable settings.

An Interconnected System.

  • Patient Safety: The intuitive, easy-to-see smart light and audible indicators, as well as a large, bright viewing display alert you when you’re reaching the apex.
    May be used independently or as a connected system.
  • Dual Light Indicators: With intuitive light indicators in both motor handpiece and the Apex file clip, you’ll have greater visibility for more confident shaping.
  • Portable Convenience: Easily move between operatories with this interconnected system; lightweight, ergonomic and cordless design.

For more information on the elements Connect and Apex Connect, visit Kerr’s website by clicking here.

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