What we think:

Simon Barnwell BDS MSc (Endo) a tutor here at simplyendo® was given the opportunity to try the NEW Dentsply’s X-smart Pro+ with built in Apex locator, here’s his thought on this impressive piece of kit.

What do you like about Dentsply’s X-smart Pro+ Simon?

The accuracy of the apex locator is great, which is an important feature to me. I like the touch screen display, although it’s not something that I need, it’s a nice feature, and its great it can be wiped clean with ease.

The light on the hand piece to improve vision is brilliant! illumination and magnification are key in Endodontics, so this is a great upgrade from Dentsply’s previous motors.  I was really surprised at how quiet and smooth it is when you are preparing the canals, it really did feel smooth, even when using the reciprocating feature.

Another great option that’s been added; is the option to use the motor with or without a foot pedal, I know that some colleagues like using a button, but others prefer a foot pedal and it is great to see that this motor offers both options.

And lastly It feels high quality and well built. I would say this is another premium offering from Dentsply Sirona and I would recommend this motor to dental colleagues.  Below is some information about the X-smart Pro+ and its key features, for up-to-date pricing please contact your local dental dealer.


What it has to offer:

The X-Smart Pro Endo Motor from Dentsply Sirona provides up to 7.5 N·cm and 3,000 rpm and optimizes performance of Dentsply Sirona’s endodontic file systems in both continuous rotation and reciprocating modes.

The X-Smart Pro features a mini contra-angle with integrated 10-lumen LED, a fully autoclavable handpiece sheath, a touchscreen interface that provides easy access to ideal settings for the files you choose, and upgradeable firmware to accommodate tomorrow’s treatments.

  • Genuine Reciprocating Motion:
  • Abundant Power: Dedicated power and torque for optimal performance across a full range of anatomies.
  • Mini-Contra Angle head with integrated 10-Lumen LED: Superior visibility and access. Locate and enter root canal with confidence. Easy treatment of patients with limited mouth opening. 360° adjustable position.
  • Removable/autoclavable handpiece metal sheath:
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface:
  • Up to 30 customizable file sequences with upgradable firmware to accommodate future file systems. Optional Bluetooth foot switch.
  • Portable and ergonomic design: Battery power to support a full day of work.

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