Irina Beleva explains how she was able to achieve an MSc with simplyendo®

Five years ago, I was working as a DwSI Aesthetic and Restorative dentistry in one dental practice, based in West Midlands. The idea of doing endodontic treatments is something I hated. Thankfully I had a reliable colleague to whom I referred patients constantly. However, it really bothered me why I couldn’t treat root canals with such ease! I was also in the predicament where some patients just didn’t want to see another dentist, once they had put their trust in me. I thought, having a special interest in restorative dentistry, I was expected to be able to do root canal treatments too. It may sound basic, not too complex, and yet this caused a headache for me! Therefore, I decided that this endo-anxiety should stop. And I started looking for the right course for me. The first person I asked for an opinion and help from was the endodontist we used to refer our patients to – he recommended simplyendo’s 10-day course as a good basis.

I was actually excited about undertaking the course, despite having one concern undertaking the course, and that was that I was afraid to see how much I may not actually know about endodontics! But that’s a common thing about every new endeavour.

“You don’t know how much you don’t know, until you know it.”

I believe that making sure you are not staying still, and that you keep learning during your career, actually makes you better in your profession.

I knew that simplyendo offered part-time courses, which made it much easier to adjust my schedule. I was able to attend all of the face-to-face lectures and practical sessions, and I enjoyed every single bit of it.

The practical sessions were fantastic, I got my hands on more or less every single endodontic file available on the UK dental market. This was an eye-opening experience for me, to see which file system works best in my hands, how it is working, which ones I enjoy, and which I just don’t like the feel of …which file gives me safety in curved canals, which is a good all-rounder and which, for example, is the fastest and simplest system.

There were a few things made me chose simplyendo. Firstly, it was the recommendation from my colleague. And secondly, it was the friendly simplyendo admin team – Julie and Louise, they were both great, patient, friendly and super helpful. They went through all of the course options- available days, payment options, opportunities for progression into PG Certificate, PG Diploma and even MSc. I laughed at the time when they told me about the MSc, thinking to myself “yeah, right! I don’t love root canals that much to write a dissertation about them”. Well, look at me now – with an MSc!

Initially, I did the 10-day program. I met so many nice people, intelligent and respectful colleagues from all parts of the UK (even from Ireland, later on), so I decided that I would continue with the PG Certificate. I was thinking at the time that at least I would add a few letters behind my name, and I would spend few more days with those lovely people. Then I finished the PG Certificate, and I was amazed how many more things I’ve learned, and how much more there is to be embraced. So, I went for the PG Diploma, and finally for the MSc.

At the moment I am working in 4 practices. In 3 of which I am seeing only endodontic referrals, the 4th practice is my main practice, where I also see endo referrals, along with my day-to-day dentistry.

Overall, the general dentistry takes about 25% of my week. The rest of the time I am doing endodontic treatments, consultations and restorative dentistry, can you believe it? Most importantly, I am happy about it!

I love my days at work, and I enjoy them, simply because I’ve found my Zen state- Endodontics.

I truly believe the investment with simplyendo has paid off! I have invested much more in equipment, such as microscope, 3D obturation system, Endo motor, you name it. But without the knowledge, all of it would be pointless. So, yes, I’d say it is worth every penny!

I cannot describe the unbelievable satisfaction when you finish a difficult case, especially the referred ones, when you managed to take out a broken file, or to go beyond a ledge and smooth it.

There were a number of benefits received from the course and I have already mentioned the practical sessions, and the chance to work with so many different file systems. I also had the chance to work on a different microscope each time (so, I chose the one which I liked the most). I had the chance to use two of the main 3d obturation systems on the UK market (so I picked the one which worked best in my hands). I had the chance to work with MTA a few times during the course, but enough to know which consistency I need in order to work with it easily. All of the above mentioned developed better dexterity, built-up my confidence and grew my experience, which made me more knowledgeable.

Another great benefit of the course is that you can always ask a friend for an opinion.

My peers from the course and I keep in touch, and have done for the last year or so. I’ve seen and learnt about so many interesting cases, and when worst comes to worst (when there is something really complex), you can always call Mike. He and the other tutors are our 24/7 support. Is there another course which can offer that?! I can’t think of any other. That’s why, in my opinion, simplyendo is just the best.

I also can’t fail to mention the amazing dental assistants at simplyendo. The girls are just fantastic! You can learn a lot from them too and try to train your dental assistant the same way. In fact, I think that there was an idea for a course for endodontist’s dental assistants, and you bet I’ll be recommending it!

Postgraduate Certificate

Year 1 of the MSc in Endodontology. An additional 6 days of study, perfecting everything you have learned from the 10 day programme to OSCE standards.

Postgraduate Diploma

Year 2 of the MSc in Endodontology. 12 days of studying advanced topics such endodontic microscopy, innovations in endodontics, research methods and statistics.

MSc in Endodontology

Year 3 of the MSc in Endodontology and the final component for the Masters Degree. You’re given approximately 12 months to submit a dissertation based on an endodontic topic of your choosing. You’ll be appointed a personal supervisor to who will provide 1:1 coaching.