I was struggling with endodontics in my daily practice, getting suboptimal results and I really needed to find a way to achieve better outcomes for my patients. I mentioned this to some dental friends and the simplyendo® teaching programmes came highly recommended, so I decided to investigate their offering a little further.

In addition to the trusted recommendation, the locality and price associated with the simplyendo® courses were also an attractive draw for me and make it a good, cost-effective option. I found that many endo courses were based in London, which would have meant I needed to factor in travel and inflated hotel costs. However, simply® being situated near Liverpool suited my needs far better and really helped to reduce the overall cost of the training I needed.

I’m glad I found simplyendo® and took the plunge to carry out my learning with them. One of the best aspects was the ability to speak to other clinicians, not just about endo but all aspects of dentistry – I don’t get that in my day-to-day practice. The relaxed environment that the team have created make it a really nice way to learn – we would chat about dentistry and have a little grumble and moan together while learning a new skill!

A different mindset

My enhanced endodontics skills have really benefitted me in numerous ways. I have now got myself into the mindset of keeping up to date with evidence-based work, so my learning hasn’t stopped in the classroom. The biggest change must be my confidence in my restorative work, it’s at another level now. I have less self-doubt now because I have the knowledge and skill set to overcome problems that I may encounter. This has made me far less stressed when I go to work as I know I can save most teeth, which is a great feeling.

In addition, I have noticed a new level of respect from my peers now that I have my post graduate education. Not all dentists go on to undertake this level of learning, so it shows a commitment to improving both yourself and the patient experience. This helps to boost referrals and, of course, this all leads to an increase in earnings.

No sacrifices

If endo is an area you struggle with you will absolutely benefit from a course with simplyendo®. There are other courses out there that are perhaps more patient-based, but this is brilliant for those who have a family and a job as you can fit your learning around everything else. It doesn’t feel like you need to make a big sacrifice to achieve your post-graduate training, there is less impact on real life, which was key for me. Formby itself is lovely and it always felt like a nice break away. The hotels in the area aren’t expensive so I would go the night before from York and make the most of it.

Overall, I feel that my training with simplyendo® has provided me with a good return on investment. The courses are accredited and delivered in a relaxed environment by friendly teachers who are always quick to help with questions. The staff are approachable and efficient, I can’t fault anything. If you are considering taking a course with simplyendo®, just do it!

Postgraduate Certificate

Year 1 of the MSc in Endodontology. An additional 6 days of study, perfecting everything you have learned from the 10 day programme to OSCE standards.

Postgraduate Diploma

Year 2 of the MSc in Endodontology. 12 days of studying advanced topics such endodontic microscopy, innovations in endodontics, research methods and statistics.

MSc in Endodontology

Year 3 of the MSc in Endodontology and the final component for the Masters Degree. You’re given approximately 12 months to submit a dissertation based on an endodontic topic of your choosing. You’ll be appointed a personal supervisor to who will provide 1:1 coaching.