I have always had a special interest in endodontics and have been planning to do an Endodontics Masters course for around 10 years. I’m based in Dublin, Ireland, and unfortunately there are no such courses available here, so I started to check out training opportunities in the UK. However, I found only full- or part-time courses and as a working dentist with a small child it was not an option for me to move to the UK or to travel a lot.

I almost gave up on my plans to study, but one of my colleagues knew an endodontist who had done the simplyendo® course and he said that it is available online as well. I got in touch with the endodontist, who was very happy with his experience with simplyendo® and encouraged me to get in touch with them.

A reassuring environment

I emailed Julie at simplyendo®, who replied immediately. She was – and has always been – very nice and helpful. In fact, the entire team are extremely supportive, from the sales to all the tutors, it is very easy to deal with them.

I was so pleased to have found a course that I can do online. I only have to travel once or twice a year for 1-2 days, so I can continue working and looking after my child without any major interruptions.

The course itself is very interactive and formal. I find it great that I can ask any kind of question, whether its theoretical or about an exact case, and there is always an answer and help available. The simplyendo® Forum (on the website and on the app) is really useful, as I can discuss cases with the tutors and colleagues and I receive feedback that directly helps my work. If I don’t want to share a case with everybody, I can ask for support via private email. It is very helpful to have both options available and I always receive an answer very quickly.

Enhanced confidence

I now feel much more confident in case selection and diagnosis, which is an essential starting point for a successful outcome. I also learnt a few tips and tricks for approaching canals with difficult anatomy and I find this extremely useful in my daily practice. I am much more confident in talking to patients about root canal treatment, explaining the possible difficulties and the chances of a good long-term result.

I would highly recommend the simplyendo® course to anyone who wants to improve their endo skills. It is great for those who want to become familiar with different types of rotary instruments, root canal preparation techniques and root canal filling techniques, that can make root canal treatments much more relaxed and predictable for general dentists. There is also an opportunity to learn the latest ESE guidelines and up-to-date endodontic and post-endodontic restorative treatment methods, including trauma management. The 10-day course is a very good introduction to the masters programme.

Whatever your goals are, whether you want to improve your endo skills as a general dentist or you want to continue on to further studies, the simplyendo® offering it is great as they offer a certificate, diploma and MSc in Endodontology.

Postgraduate Certificate

Year 1 of the MSc in Endodontology. An additional 6 days of study, perfecting everything you have learned from the 10 day programme to OSCE standards.

Postgraduate Diploma

Year 2 of the MSc in Endodontology. 12 days of studying advanced topics such endodontic microscopy, innovations in endodontics, research methods and statistics.

MSc in Endodontology

Year 3 of the MSc in Endodontology and the final component for the Masters Degree. You’re given approximately 12 months to submit a dissertation based on an endodontic topic of your choosing. You’ll be appointed a personal supervisor to who will provide 1:1 coaching.