Just wanted to say thank you. I cannot truly express what impact you have had on my professional life.

 "Everything about the course has been enjoyable; there’s an enthusiasm from everybody on the simplyendo team that’s very infectious. This helps us as students to think about things more, which makes for some memorable and animated debates.

Meeting new peers and colleagues on the course is also enlightening, I had the opportunity to meet people of all ages and walks of life, from every avenue of dentistry, which had a much untold benefit. It’s refreshing to be able to meet others and chew the fat because our profession can be quite isolating at times. The community spirit I found at simplyendo was another facet that made it thoroughly enjoyable – it’s a more mature college experience without any of the hangovers!

There is a wealth and breadth of knowledge that I’ve never seen elsewhere. I really enjoyed the lectures, the teaching modalities are very informative and they use up-to-date literature as evidence underpinning the endodontic principles that they advocate and follow.

The hands-on sessions are exemplary – I have been able to try every filing system available, which is invaluable for developing the level of learning that you can actually use in practice."

Full testimonial on our blog page at https://www.simplyendo.com/education/184-when-things-fall-into-place

"Dear Mike, thanks for a fantastic day yesterday. Coming from a standpoint of someone who didn't enjoy endodontics I find myself enthused every time I complete part of the course !! All the information you impart has practical relevance which is rare these days .We can all complete work which achieves a desired result and not know how we got there and then pat ourselves on the back . The real test is to constantly be able to reproduce good results and most importantly what to do when things don't work as anticipated. The 10 day course is vastly improving my consistency and has awakened an interest in an aspect of dentistry left dormant in my brain for many years. Who knew!!. All the speakers embody the same level of enthusiasm and I couldn't finish without a mention of your wonderful team Anita and Julie et al . I have done dentistry long enough to know that the team can make or break your day and that you are only as good as your last session. Here's to many more good sessions, thanks again."

Also, may I say I have thoroughly enjoyed the Diploma course (and not just because I passed with a merit!). The teaching has been to an excellent standard, the feedback has been brilliant and clinically applicable, the environment is friendly, non judgemental and encourages debate and learning, the course is structured in a perfect way that you can still work full time (although it does need a lot of effort by being modular based you never get fully overwhelmed), the hands on section is pitched perfectly and has lead to changes in how I approach clinical cases and the chocolates and crumpets are just what you need at break times! Thank you for an excellent 2 years and I hope the course keeps going from strength to strength

I would like to thank you very much for this absolutely excellent and professional course. I learned a lot and I use this knowledge every day. Thank you also for your patience, enthusiasm for root canal treatments and being a great teacher.

I recently got talking to a colleague at a party and she was asking what I was up to these days. I told her about my studies with simplyendo, and my quest for an MSc. She has invited me to her practice to take on some moderate cases. I completed my 2nd session there today, really enjoying it. I have become the ‘endo bod’ in our practice and frequently take phone calls from mates asking for advice. Now, I’d like to think all this is due to my wit, charisma and, let’s be honest, brutally devastating good looks. The truth is, however, that I could not have achieved this without the excellent teaching, confidence building and support from all the team at simplyendo, so thanks to David, Mark, Dave Baker, all the excellent support staff and yourself. Keep up the great work

The 10-day endodontic course came highly recommeded to me by a work colleague. I would offer the same recommendation to anyone interested in the subject. The hands-on"“ practical sessions are invaluable for exposure to, and training in, proficient use of the most up-to-date materials and techniques. The days are well organised. The teaching is supportive, motivational,interesting and delivered in an informal and engaging way. There is the opportunity to discuss specific problem cases encountered by attendees and an invitation to join an online community to share tips and experiences. The course has appeal to dentists at all stages of their careers and at all levels of experience. I have found my practical confidence increase, particularly with the use of rotary file systems and in differential diagnosis of painful conditions.”

Some feedback from a simplyendo member who attended our Formby teaching college on 14/15 October 2020.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the simplyendo programme. This endodontic course has improved my knowledge, technical skill level and day-to-day clinical problem solving. It is a great community to be a part of to discuss clinical cases and clinical challenges. The course is focused on improving each individual student and the hands-on sessions allow for great practice with excellent feedback. The course is extremely accommodating and has implemented excellent safety provisions during the challenging period of time of Covid-19. Remote online learning and reduced group sizes with clear safety protocols at Formby ensured a safe space to continue learning. I highly recommend the simplyendo programme" D.C.

I am incredibly grateful to the simplyendo team. They’ve actually changed by life. I’ve just finished the PG Diploma and I now do 3 days per week of referral endodontics and thoroughly enjoy it. I see four to five patients per day and carry out challenging but interesting work on grateful patients and my quality of life has improved significantly.

I can not thank you enough for your time. you respond quicker that I write the emails !! If you have all of the other students doing this you must be very busy. We are very lucky to have some one like you as our course leader.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 10 day simply endo course and would recommend it to any dentist wishing to update his/her knowledge and skills on contemporary endodontics. I entered the program seeking just a hand on course on the rotary endodontic systems but to my surprise I have developed an interest in advancing my knowledge in endodontics to a postgraduate university level. Mike’s infectious enthusiasm and great selection of literature papers keeps the course focused to key issues of endo associated with every day clinical case scenarios. The hands on sessions offer practical tips and solutions to problems all dentists performing root canal treatments are bound to be faced with. The highlight of the course has undoubtedly been the practical sessions but the lecture sessions have provided the evidence based knowledge to adjust the way I perform endodontics in my practice. It has been an overall great investment for my career.’’

It certainly has given me more of the theoretical underpinning that was needed, the confidence to use techniques that I would have otherwise avoided and in some cases the confirmation that I was working along the right lines anyway. In particular, the pragmatic, sensible, level-headed and calm approach (‘Northern’ approach?) to the practical issues that both you and Mark demonstrate is an excellent model to emulate.

I would also like to thank you and your team for the excellent course you provide. I have really enjoyed my time studying with Simplyendo. I have learnt a lot. The course has reinvigorated my interest in dentistry, which was what i needed at this stage of my career. My confidence in all areas of Dentistry has increased. I am doing lots of endodontics, more than 10 cases a week and i have been pleased with the results I am getting.

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