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simplyendo - a perspective from the Isle of Man

James Garritt

I live and work on the Isle of Man at the Tracey Bell Dental and Aesthetic Clinic, and we have an excellent visiting endodontist who has been treating our patients. However, he recently decided to cut down his hours and, although we have five dentists working at our practice, we all cover quite specific areas of dentistry. The thing is, I hated endo but I realised that I needed to become better at it in order to fill the gap and provide our patients with the service they need.


That’s why I decided to book on a course, and simplyendo had been highly recommended to me. Luckily, it was also very convenient as my flight times fitted perfectly around the course schedule!

I found the course extremely informative. They gave us every system to use without forcing any one style on us. This means that I able to use a single- or multi-system approach to get the results I need. In addition, the support is fantastic. Mike responds to emails within two hours, he’s like a terminator! He’s always working, even when he’s on holiday, he never stops, he’s relentless. I have worked in dentistry for many years and at our practice we have a phenomenal team but the simpyendo team is next level – they have got to be one of the best in the profession.

The course has had many benefits for our practice and our patients. Not only is it a great skill to have, it has kept our patients happy and become a real practice builder. We now don’t have to wait for our endo specialist to come in, we can actually treat patients in the same appointment, giving them better access to the service they need. This is great for our location as it also means we don’t have to refer patients off the island, which can be expensive. Knowing that I have been taught by the best gives me full reassurance in what I am doing.

If you’re considering taking a simplyendo course I would advise doing the 10-day programme and the certificate together. I enjoyed it so much that at the age of 48 I am doing my Masters in endodontics with them. I may have retired before I complete it but I am enjoying it and I know I’ll be proud of the outcome. I always believe that anything I do should be done with passion and professionalism, and because the simplyendo team share the same values it means I am able to do that.

I would unequivocally recommend the course, it’s the best one I’ve been on – and I’ve been on a lot! I learn something new every time I go and it’s so much fun – those two days always feel like a little holiday, and that’s coming from someone who hated endo!

James Garritt

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