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Endodontic training – Boosting skills, confidence and profits

If you are considering furthering your dental skillset, knowing which direction to turn your attentions to can often feel overwhelming. Dental professionals are extremely lucky to have a wealth of options open to them – from dental implants to facial aesthetics and everything in between – but inevitably all courses will cost you both time and money, so it is essential to choose wisely.  

Here at simplyendo, we know these types of decisions can be tough, so we asked recent delegate David Bretton why he decided to take the simplyendo course and how he found it... 

"Having graduated quite recently (2013), I felt my hands-on experience in endodontics was relatively limited. I had only completed a couple of molar endodontic cases while at dental school and I have heard that some people are now qualifying without even completing one! I needed further training to take my endodontics to a new level. This field is part of everyday dentistry – whether that is vital pulp therapies or conventional orthograde root canal treatment. I took the simplyendo course to improve my knowledge and confidence with all aspects of endodontics. 

"I started the training while I was working in an NHS practice and, while molar endodontics is very poorly remunerated under the NHS, I saw this as an excellent learning opportunity. By ‘taking the hit’ I was able to gain excellent experience in treating endodontic cases, while helping my patients greatly. Now, working in private practice, I have the skills and confidence to provide high quality and profitable endodontic treatment for my patients, thanks to my training with simplyendo.  

"I chose simplyendo based mainly on a word of mouth recommendation; my principal at the time had completed the course years ago and highly endorsed it. Furthermore simplyendo now offer a good postgraduate training pathway, which can lead to qualifications (pgcert, pgdip and msc) if one wishes to do this. Every session consisted of a morning of theory and an afternoon of practical skills, a mix that I enjoyed. We had a wide variety of training with different systems and equipment.

An exceptional environment for learning

"I would highly recommend simplyendo; the environment for learning is exceptional. Formby College is a wonderful location that is dedicated to simplyendo's teaching. The team is fantastic – everyone helps make the whole experience enjoyable and the course is well organised, runs smoothly, and all of the educators are very knowledgeable. I think the course is very ‘real world’ and many of the educators are well aware of the challenges that general dentists face. This enables them to relate well to the delegates and ensure they are able to not only teach them, but to support them to implementing their learning into their everyday practice. Overall I would say it is a ‘must do’ course for every general dentist who wishes to deliver high quality endodontic treatment. 

"If you are considering taking this course, do it! Endodontics is recognised to be one of the hardest aspects of dentistry. By gaining an understanding of the most modern techniques and protocols this helps simplify even challenging cases."

If you would like to hone your endodontic skills to become confident in treating more complex cases, get in touch with us today on 0345 363 0400 or use our contact form here.

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