Coming from Oasis

Cosmin Circu Photo 2017

The more I think about how I approached dental treatment after dental school and the way I am doing it now the more I realise it has all been a journey, a journey that continues.

In the early days of my career, I was using hand files and doing RCT over several appointments. Four years ago I started to use rubber dam and when I started work with OASIS, about 3 years ago, the opportunity arose for me to use a rotary endo system. This was a major step from where I was initially. When I saw the email from Oasis advertising the simplyendo programme, I said to myself that this is the next natural step. A few emails later I was signed up!  

At the time of writing these words, I have already learned so much about contemporary endodontics, more than I could have imagined. The information is presented in a very structured manner and well complemented with the hands-on sessions. If you are into e-learning, you will love it. If you have never approached studying this way it will be a pleasant experience for sure. Mike, David and the whole team are so supportive. Any questions were answered on the spot.

Cosmin C.

Oasis Dentist

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