Revitalization: all you want to know

Revitalization: all you want to know

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Galler


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Revitalization: all you want to know. In case you missed the event, or if you want to watch it again, kindly find the webinar replay on our YouTube channel.

Discussed topics: 

  • Regenerative Endodontics: what does it mean? 

  • Revitalization as a regenerative endodontic procedure .
  • Evidence and outcome.
Revitalization is minimally-invasive and biology-based , and is an alternative treatment to the apical plug. 
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Galler

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Boosting my skills Philip Brook shares how his experience at simplyendo® has benefitted him in practice

I had been putting off pushing for that next level of knowledge… there’s always a reason not to follow what your head is telling you, whether it’s time, money, or simply questioning ‘why bother?’. However, I was training undergraduates and I didn’t want my time and practice-based knowledge to be outdated, or, worse still, proven poor practice in this ever-changing field.

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Saving smiles - Stephen shares how his experience at simplyendo has boosted his confidence in endo

I like saving teeth, which is why I’ve always found endodontics fascinating; it’s challenging but interesting. It’s something that I’ve always liked to take more time over, do well and try to develop my skills.

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Simon Barnwell UL1 lateral lesion and lateral canal case summary

Dear colleagues, I share this case with you despite the fact that success or failure has yet to be definitively shown as I think it throws up some interesting points or questions to consider. I hope you enjoy it! Best wishes, Simon Barnwell

Presenting complaint

Pain on biting and touching front tooth

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Prudent use of antibiotics

Received from European Society of Endodontology 18 November 2020.

The Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Centre has published evidence-based guidelines on the prudent prescription of antibiotics in the dental office.

Through the following link you can find the scientific report and the supplement with the search strategies:

This guideline was developed in close collaboration with dental professionals from the Belgian dental schools and from dental practices.  Download short guide.

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ESE Video 2 - Vital pulp treatment

Fri, Oct 23, 2020

Please see below an email received from Paul Dummer, President of the European Society of Endodontology regarding an education patient video on the role of Vital Pulp Treatment.

Best wishes,


 A new ESE video on Vital Pulp Treatment has just been launched on the ESE channel within YouTube. The video has English subtitles (text) and an English voice-over.

The video is here:

Please make use of the video – which is designed for patients to understand better the scope of vital pulp treatment. National endodontic societies have the opportunity of asking the ESE to customise the video into any language to include the subtitles as well as the voice-over. Please contact your society directly if you would like to have a customised version rather than the one in English.

Best wishes

PS The ESE is developing a range of other videos, each addressing a specific topic within Endodontics, and each will be able to be customised for national endodontic societies.

Professor Paul Dummer
President: European Society of Endodontology

[email protected]

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simplyendo feedback

Please see below for some feedback from a simplyendo member who attended our Formby teaching college on 14/15 October.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the simplyendo programme. This endodontic course has improved my knowledge, technical skill level and day-to-day clinical problem solving. It is a great community to be a part of to discuss clinical cases and clinical challenges. The course is focused on improving each individual student and the hands-on sessions allow for great practice with excellent feedback. The course is extremely accommodating and has implemented excellent safety provisions during the challenging period of time of Covid-19. Remote online learning and reduced group sizes with clear safety protocols at Formby ensured a safe space to continue learning. I highly recommend the simplyendo
programme" D.C.


Formby and its famous red squirrels!

IMG 9335

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Welcome back to all our simplyendo colleagues

It was great to start to welcome back all our simplyendo colleagues to Formby from the beginning of July 2020. We have been working very hard behind the scenes to ensure the college is totally Covid compliant and very safe for you.

Our lobby at simplyendo

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simply virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that it has forced us into has really made us all begin to think a little differently. Many of us are learning to slow down, evaluate what’s really important and assess what we might change going forward. Working from home has shown people what they miss out on at home during that commuting time and those who aren’t working have settled into a slower pace of life, reading more, learning more, and appreciating more.

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When things fall into place…


Gerald O’Connor shares how his experience at simplyendo has allowed him to reach his professional goals

In 2013, I was working as a GDP in the UK when I decided to return to Ireland with my family. I took a hiatus for two years before setting up my new practice and, once I did, I realised I wanted to make my clinical practice more niche.

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Why Endo? a short story by Dave Baker

Why endo?

By David Baker

I’m often asked by other dentists why I chose to do further studying in endodontics.


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Practical thinking

Louise Crompton shares how she helps students to navigate the challenges of an MSc

IMG 9879 Version 2

While embarking on an MSc is an exciting time, it can also be quite daunting, especially for those who have never undertaken a postgraduate certificate. Here at simplyendo we are dedicated to providing a high level of teaching to ensure you get the most out of your Masters degree in Endodontology, which is why we don’t just stop at the endo side of things.

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simplyendo - a perspective from the Isle of Man

James Garritt

I live and work on the Isle of Man at the Tracey Bell Dental and Aesthetic Clinic, and we have an excellent visiting endodontist who has been treating our patients. However, he recently decided to cut down his hours and, although we have five dentists working at our practice, we all cover quite specific areas of dentistry. The thing is, I hated endo but I realised that I needed to become better at it in order to fill the gap and provide our patients with the service they need.

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simply the best

IMG 0112 2 small

Simplyendo is simply the best!


As a dental professional there are many areas that you will face on a day-to-day basis. From general dentistry such as check ups and fillings, to cosmetic treatments like whitening and bonding, through to perio and endo surgeries that are rather more involved. It is natural for each individual to enjoy carrying out some treatments more than others, and to feel less confident in some areas.

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Endodontic training – Boosting skills, confidence and profits

If you are considering furthering your dental skillset, knowing which direction to turn your attentions to can often feel overwhelming. Dental professionals are extremely lucky to have a wealth of options open to them – from dental implants to facial aesthetics and everything in between – but inevitably all courses will cost you both time and money, so it is essential to choose wisely.  

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A true passion for endo

Mike Turner, tutor at simplyendo, shares what endodontics has brought to his life...

I started studying dentistry at the University of Liverpool in 1995 and graduated with my BDS in 2000. From there, I worked as an associate in general dental practice for a few years across Birkenhead before moving to Newcastle, then Northumberland, and then Hartlepool. It was around this time that I decided to concentrate my career in a narrower field.

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A testimonial

"The clarity of what needs to be done at each stage and the easy accessibility of information and resources really is amazing.

I'm just working on improving my utilisation of the simplyendo website to answer any questions I have and the support you offer really is second to none. I can't imagine the time and effort you have to invest!

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Coming from Oasis

Cosmin Circu Photo 2017

The more I think about how I approached dental treatment after dental school and the way I am doing it now the more I realise it has all been a journey, a journey that continues.

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Effectiveness of the ProTaper Next and Reciproc Systems in Removing Root Canal Filling Material

Just doing some research on single cone obturations and this article caught my attention. Note that Protaper Next performing as well as the superb Reciproc file for retreating oval canals in extracted teeth. Use of sonic versus ultrasonic to aid the irrigation efficacy making no difference in cleaning efficiency

Screenshot 2017 05 28 09.43.08

J Endod. 2017 Mar;43(3):467-471. doi: 10.1016/j.joen.2016.10.040.

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Endo Reality

endo reality

My journey from simplyendo to Endo Reality.........

I signed up to do the 10 day course with simplyendo in 2012 on the recommendation of a good friend in the endodontic world. I only intended to do the 10 day course and now three years later here I am with an MSc in Endodontics and a company producing endodontic training teeth!

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Silent witness

Roland Kouble

Forensic dentistry or forensic odontology is the application of dental knowledge and sciences to civil and criminal law. Generally we get involved in identification of human remains from teeth, age estimation of the living and dead, identification in mass disasters and bite mark analysis.

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Heaven's Steve - you don't half get em!

In my position as Endodontic Officer for the North Wales Community Service, I get a number of referrals that, frankly, many of my colleagues would reject. I recall discussing one of my referrals with Mark Hunter. At one point during our chat he said "Heavens, Steve - you don't half get em!"

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The Expert

The Expert

Some of you may or may not know that, apart from being an endodontist, I am also a dealer in antiques. I specialize in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Tunbridge Ware, which is woodenware decorated with intricate patterns and pictures formed from tiny pieces of natural wood.

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Albert Dock, Liverpool

Albert Dock, Liverpool

Keeping up the theme of non dental blogs here and this picture has absolutely nothing to do with teeth but everything to do with things looking good. Albert Dock in Liverpool taken early morning late August.

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Obturation……….Where are we now?

Obturation……….Where are we now?

Obturation……….Where are we now?

In broad terms Endodontic treatment success would indicate an absence of infection, a healing or completely resolved lesion, a functional tooth without pain or discomfort and radiographically, a reversal to a normal periodontal ligament space around the root. 

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